F + H Jewellery

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Launched in 2014 by ex PR Manager, Sharona Harris, the award-winning F + H Jewellery is both tough and easy-wear at the same time. Equally impactful when dressing up a simple tee and jeans or accessorising a little black dress, F + H Jewellery is effortless in its ability to make a statement. 

“The F + H girl is unfazed by trends. She wears what she likes and knows what works for her,” says Harris. “She has an innate sense of style and natural confidence. She is unafraid to make a statement.” 

With a combination of hammered and smooth textures, fine metal beading, high-quality craftsmanship and bold designs such as the ever-popular Sioux Cross Earring, it’s easy to see why fashion influencers love it so much.