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Drawing inspiration from the founders personal wardrobes – an eclectic mix of old school denim, pre-owned designer and vintage market finds – Jessie and Sarah often look to the past in order to create something new. Forever inspired by the '90s era, the pair seek to provide those special pieces we felt were missing from our own wardrobes.

Each Nakedvice piece is an extension of Jessie and Sarah’s individual style and is meant to be an addition to your own personal wardrobe. With an undisguised aesthetic and longevity in mind, it is their desire to create your vice that you can’t live without.

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LAST ONESave $30.95Nakedvice | The Suki - Black/Gold | PerluNakedvice | The Suki - Black/Gold | Perlu
Naked Vice
The Suki - Black/Gold Sale price$159.00 Regular price$189.95
LAST ONESave $40.95Nakedvice | The Lucinda - Choc/Silver | PerluNakedvice | The Lucinda - Choc/Silver | Perlu
Naked Vice
The Lucinda - Choc/Silver Sale price$139.00 Regular price$179.95
Sold outNakedvice | The Zoe - Choc/Silver | PerluNakedvice | The Zoe - Choc/Silver | Perlu
Sold outNakedvice | The Zoe - Black/Gold | PerluNakedvice | The Zoe - Black/Gold | Perlu
Save $50.95Nakedvice | The Kenny - Black/Silver | PerluNakedvice | The Kenny - Black/Silver | Perlu
Naked Vice
The Kenny - Black/Silver Sale price$189.00 Regular price$239.95
Save $50.95Nakedvice | The Mimi - Black | PerluNakedvice | The Mimi - Black | Perlu
Naked Vice
The Mimi - Black Sale price$139.00 Regular price$189.95
LAST ONESave $80.95Nakedvice | The Nala - Ivory | PerluNakedvice | The Nala - Ivory | Perlu
Naked Vice
The Nala - Ivory Sale price$139.00 Regular price$219.95
Sold outSave $40.95Nakedvice | The Louis - Black | PerluNakedvice | The Louis - Black | Perlu
Naked Vice
The Louis - Black Sale price$139.00 Regular price$179.95