By Charlotte

14K Gold October Birthstone Pendant


Treasure your loved ones and hold them close with the By Charlotte 14k Gold October Birthstone Pendant. The birthstone jewellery is a beautiful reminder that the impression left on your soul by those closest to you never fade. An enduring gift or everyday memento of cherished memories, forever friendship and love. Made to layer on our 14k Gold Chain Necklace with up to three pendants.

An extraordinary crystal for healing, the tourmaline will cleanse your mind, body and spirit of destructive and negative energies. Harness the calming and cleansing powers of this gentle heart chakra crystal and guide yourself to everlasting love. 

  • Chain sold separately. We suggest a maximum of 3 pendants per necklace.
  • Pink tourmaline pendant: approx. 3 x 3mm; brilliant cut.
  • 14k Solid gold. Nickel free.


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