Fashion with A Purpose - Rails Clothing's Response to Covid-19

'It means more to give back', at least that is the sentiment that Rails Clothing has adopted in their effort to use their sizeable platform and resources to reach out and contribute to the greater good.

Their efforts so far make a clear statement about their integrity as a brand and here at Perlu, we have been especially awed and humbled by how they have shown their support in response to COVID-19.

Times like these often shine a light on those who act with compassion and, in spite of the uncertainty that surrounds us, that light is shining brightly on the LA-based label.

In response to the global shortage of medical masks, Rails Clothing have generously donated 10,000 FDA-approved and KN95 masks to hospitals in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, New Orleans, Atlanta and Detroit.

Rails have also taken things a step further by pressing 'pause' on their garment production and shifting their focus to the production of non-medical masks for personal use.

For those interested, these masks are available in regular or children's sizes and for every pack that is purchased, a pack is also donated to essential workers and businesses.

The love doesn't stop there. Rails have a long-standing history of charitable activities and interests, having also been known to reach out a helping hand (or a paw) to help save and protect the Cheetahs in South Africa by collaborating with the 'Cheetah Outreach' organisation. Cheetah Outreach have been contributing to the conservation and survival of the South African Cheetahs for over 20 years, and Rails make a donation straight to the cause with every purchase of their 'Charli Cheetahs Shirts'.

For some of us, fashion has always served a positive purpose. Nonetheless, it's heartening to see the generosity of brands, like Rails, that are acting on their community spirit in the face of this enormous challenge.

From Perlu to you, as always, we send our well wishes and are thinking of those affected.


Written by Meg Ramshaw




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